Customer Charter

Our promise to you, the customer, is:

Before agreeing to undertake a transaction we will provide you with:

  • An estimate of the total fee that you, the sender, will be charged by us for the transaction.
  • An indication of the exchange rate (GBP to PLN) that we will apply to your money transfer.
  • Information on where the receiver should collect the money transfer from and what they have to do.
  • An indication of when the funds transferred will be available at the bank to which you are sending the money transfer to.

Upon completion of a transaction, we will provide the following in writing to confirm your money transfer:

  • A transaction reference number that is unique to your payment.
  • Confirmation of the exact amount we are sending to you.
  • The amount that the receiver will receive and the currency that the money will be paid/credited.
  • The procedure to follow if you have a need to query this transaction.