Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you register with Now Transfer?

There are three ways to register:- Visit your nearest Now Transfer agent , contact Customer Services on 0169 557 6918 or 0808 231 7777, or online

2. What do I need to register in Now Transfer?

You will need the following: ID Card (e.g. copy of passport, ID Card or Driving Licence) and proof of address  (e.g. gas bill, water bill or bank statement - not more than 3 months old)

3. What beneficiary details do I need to make a money transfer?

Please provide the following details: Name, address, phone number and IBAN (26 digits account number)

4. How do you receive the money transfer in Poland?

The money is sent to any Polish bank account as instructed by the client.

5. How long does the money transfer take?

The money transfer will normally reach beneficiary account within 24 hrs

6. How much will it cost to transfer money to Poland?

There is a flat fee for the money transfer: £5 on all transfers over £150

7. What is the current exchange rate?

Now Transfer offer very favourable exchange rates from pound to Polish zloty (GBP to PLN). Please see our comparison table or alternatively contact our Customer Services 0808 231 7777 or 01695 576918.

8. What will happen if I give the wrong IBAN number?

We will receive notification from the Polish bank then we will contact you to check the IBAN number and send it again.

9. Do I need to show my ID every time I want to transfer money?

After you have registered with Now Transfer you will receive a Client Card with a confidential number. The Now Transfer Client Card can be used for all money transfers once you have registered.


10. What is “Money Laundering”?

This is the process by which "dirty money" generated by criminal activities is converted through legitimate businesses into assets that cannot be easily traced back to their illegal origins.