How The Money Transfer Works

Now Transfer provides 3 ways to send money to Poland from the UK:

At the agent location

  • Visit a Now Transfer agent location (find an agent location on or by calling our customer services desk on 0808 231 7777) and register in our system.
  • Present the money you are transferring and the agreed fee.
  • Select a beneficiary for the money transfer in Poland.
  • Now Transfer your money!

On the phone or Online

  • Call Now Transfer on 0808 231 7777 (free number) or 01695 576 918 and register in our system or login and register online
  • Declare the amount you would like to transfer to Poland
  • Provide us with money transfer recipient details and bank details (IBAN - account number the money is to be sent to)
  • Transfer the agreed amount to the bank account provided by our customer service operator with our unique transaction reference number included in the payment details
  • The money transfer beneficiary will usually be able to collect money within 24 hours